manifest money using law of attraction

How to manifest money using law of attraction?

There lies a secret inherent power in all human beings to effectively manipulate the universe in your favor. This can be attributed to gaining Health, Love, Money, and Success. Of these strategies the most socially popular methods of attaining such universal inputs resides in what is known as “The Secret” a book published by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Effectively exposing the methods to everyone on how they themselves can attain wizard like powers in bending reality to their will. 

The Secret quickly became an inspiration for other types of content on social media and around household discussions. The most important thing to derive from these teachings is that manifestation is not easy. It’s not going to be as simple as wishing for a million dollars and watching it fly down into your lap on a silver platter. 

There are steps required to successfully manifest your goals. Half the battle is knowing these steps. In a society like today many of these steps are being buried under distractions and futile schemes. In order to combat this we are going to re-introduce the essence of the “Secret” and illustrate what exactly must be done for you to attain the life of your dreams, or at least set you on a much better path than you’re currently on.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Think of the universe like a popular search engine. Let’s say the universe if Google, a crude example i know however this can help illustrate what we mean by being specific about what you want. Generalized search terms will likely display the content you're searching for.

For example you want red shoes. It would be better to search for red shoes than simply typing in shoes. To get more complex, let's say you want to become the best at Golf in the entire world, it is a much more specific target than having a goal that says you want to become a professional athlete. An even more diluted version of the manifestation would look something along the lines of becoming famous or a celebrity. It is your job to narrow down the path that you want to undergo so as to not be overwhelmed by distractions or even figurative hurdles of a different journey leading you to a different outcome entirely.

In order for this to happen in reality you’ll have to do a bit of homework into what are the best courses of actions or steps that will put you in the correct path to achieving becoming the best golf player in the world. While you're beginning to learn how to swing your club and drill the same movements over and over again there are manifestation techniques that you can implement here and there on your path. For certain, learning how to swing a golf club won't automatically make you the best golf player in the world; the path ahead will be filled with other hurdles for you to jump over. Yet, as long as you are moving forward with your smaller sized achievements the overarching goal gets closer little by little. 

Being precise and coherent about what you want in your own mental can and will benefit your pursuits in pretty much anything you hope to achieve. I need to emphasize that once you have your specific goal as many tend to achieve this step, research is absolutely necessary. Start anywhere left right up or down no matter how far you are from the mark at first. As long as you continue to learn about what it takes for you to achieve your specific goal, you will eventually align yourself with the correct route to achieve it. Learn as much as possible even if you feel the information is redundant, at least you're on the correct subject. 

Transfer Your Goals From Your Mind Into The Real World

The next of manifesting your desired reality is to get it out of your mind and into the physical plane in which we exist. All ideas, goals, aspirations start in an entirely different dimension. This dimension is being thought of. Thinking about your goal is the first step. Once you have narrowed down the specific goal in mind you will want to begin transferring it to the physical plane of reality in which we reside. It sounds grandiose, I know yet you don’t have to possess the powers of any sorcerer supreme in order to actuate this task. In fact it requires much less than you think yet can carry the weight of moving mountains. Simply writing your goal down is the most effective way of bringing your goals into the reality you share. In this practice you are giving your goal tangibility; it is no longer in a dimension that you can’t see, touch, or feel. Your goal is on its way to becoming alive. 

Moreover aside from writing down your goal, you will want to include the steps necessary that it will take to get there. Any sort of drill, test, or benchmark that once completed you are that much closer to your overall aspiration will qualify to be included in this text. 

Practical Implementation 

Once you have aligned yourself with your specific goals and have conducted a bit of research into your field, you will need to practice. Align yourself with the idea that you are an infant at the start of this journey and your figurative goals in this case would be to learn how to walk. While you are likely not an infant given that you can read this text, I'm illustrating the idea that you should be comfortable with the idea that you have little to no knowledge on the subject. Key word comfortable: don't let any insecurity infiltrate your progress. Find inspiration in the fact that you get to explore, conquer and achieve your subject and as long as your goal does not fluctuate, find security in knowing that you are on the right path. 

There's only one way to work towards your goal. This tried and true strategy is practical implementation, or practice. Let’s say your goal is finding love. Surely it is understandable that in order to find it you will need to search for it. You can practice this goal by putting yourself in different situations physically. Going places, participating in different hobbies outside of the comfort of your home. More importantly connecting with individuals. Practice small talk, practice dating. Eventually the universe will provide you with what you seek. Manifestation is a direct result of the energy you dedicate to your subject. 

Declare Your Goals 

With this step, consistency is also key. You must implement this strategy into your daily routine for it to become successful. Doing it once a week or only when you remember won’t cut it; the universe needs to hear that you *really* want this and are doing everything in your power to achieve it. When that happens, don’t be surprised to find that your work is paying off.

As if the universe were a potential investor, you will need to speak your goals into the physical plane. Essentially declaring what you want from the investor specifically everyday. The universe will listen and it will provide you with what you are striving for, however the universe will only bestow its grants to only those with the most conviction. 

Speak your goals everyday every morning or every night when you are with yourself. Whenever you are alone imagine this scenario as a 1 on1 with the universe. Declaring your goals as much as possible whenever you can during this time will only benefit you in the long run. 

Remember to be as specific as possible in your 1 on1’s with the universe as any deviations of speech regarding your claims can pollute the results you receive. Be sure to focus on your goal with the highest frequency you can imagine in your body, pure radiance, gratefulness and ultimate reception of what it is you want. 

Have Faith Do Not Falter In Your Progress

The absolute worst thing anyone can do in their own pursuit of their goals is to give up. Those who have made the effort to decipher their goals from a cloud of uncountable amounts of thoughts and ideas and have brought their goal to the physical plane only have one task left to do, provide energy for it. Do not falter or be swayed away from this path through doubt, insecurity, or laziness.

As stated before the universe will bestow what you want as long as your entire being is receptive to attaining it. Do not give the universe a chance to doubt your conviction by giving up. Once you have even uttered your goal to reality the only thing you may do is refine your tasks and goals to accentuate the process of your achievement. Giving up entirely will void all processes you have made.

Have faith that you will achieve what you set out to accomplish at all times. Find bliss in the pursuit of your goal and develop your mentality around it. If you begin to doubt your capabilities the universe will doubt your worthiness to attain what you have set out to accomplish. Be sure to keep the thought that one day you will find success at any point in your lifetime as long as it is truly what you desire. 

A good way to remain in faith in your pursuits is to not demand an unrealistic time frame of accomplishing your goal. In other words becoming the world's best at anything next week is severely unlikely and not a reasonable demand for the universe to fulfill. 

Instead, shoot for accomplishing your goal “as fast as possible” only, by writing down the most effective and optimal tasks you should undergo to find your success. As long as you have the drive to learn and practice in what you believe to be the most efficient manner along with finding and refining alternative methods to achieve your goals in a more optimal time frame then your goals will surely come to you, possibly even faster than you may expect. 

Demanding that the universe provide you with whatever you are striving for without faith and without the outline of tasks that are required to fulfill the demand will lead to you losing faith in your capabilities and ultimately worse giving up. 

Your Goal Needs Fuel

In the case regarding bringing your goals to life, you will need to expend only one resource. This resource is energy. 

One thing to not get confused with the term energy in this context is that there is a difference between sitting and dedicating mental energy to your goals and dedicating physical energy to your goals. One type of energy is intangible therefore that energy does not exist in reality, the other type of energy is used to manipulate reality around you. Physical energy the energy of movement, practice, and physical manipulation is the energy you will need to give to the goals you have declared from the universe. 

One way to think about this strategy is that your mind uses energy to retrieve thoughts and ideas from the immeasurable cloud of data that is the universe, a fish net of sorts. The physical energy distributed from your body is the energy you will need to reel in the thought into your reality. Granted that the physical energy you exert may be different from the action of pulling in a fishnet, I hope you get the idea as this energy exertion will make the difference between you actualizing your aspiration vs conjuring an alternate intangible and irrelevant reality in your mind. 

You Will Achieve Your Goals Following These Methods

As stated before the universe only bestows its grants to those who provide adequate levels of conviction and practice to their goals. By refining your goal and pulling your aspiration from with your mental energy, bringing it into the physical plane by writing it and the steps that will bring you closer down on a piece of paper, practical implementation of the tasks, and faith, and giving physical energy towards, you will achieve what you have set out to accomplish. The essence of the secret is in these steps. It will only be a matter of time and how willing you are to dedicate your energy to the tasks that will determine the length between now and then. 

Good luck. 

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