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How To Manifest Your Dream Job?

If you’re seeking an in-depth guide on how to bend reality to your will and manifest a new job position you’re in the right place. We’re going to provide you with very secret knowledge on how you can begin your manifesting process effectively. Be warned success is in your future.

What is Manifesting?

First we need to cover some ground knowledge. This knowledge will help orient you in the ways of manifesting your dream job. 

Manifesting is the power of humankind that resides deep within all of us. It is forming a relationship with the universe and reality and subsequently bending them to our will and convictions. If you want anything, you best be sure that it is within your human gift to achieve it. This is what separates us from wild and primitive instinct driven animals and insects, the ability to observe and manipulate our realities to suit our needs. 

You can manifest pretty much anything, a new version of yourself, money, success, love, cognitive or physical abilities and more, but for the sake of this article let's focus on achieving that new job opportunity of yours that's peaking your interest. 

First Step: Hone In On Your Desire

The first step in manifesting your job position is primarily to know what it is. Be specific in the job title. Moreover you will want to think about the specific reason as to why you want this job and hold onto that by securing it in the back of your mind. 

Second Step: Write It Down

This step is crucial. It is the first action you take in making your aspiration for your new job real and within reach. Manifesting begins with a thought, yet your thought is not a reality just yet, moreover manifesting is bringing thoughts outside of the “idea dimension” and into the 3rd dimension in which day to day human life is conducted. 

By writing down your desired occupation you are essentially practicing manifestation on a smaller scale. Also by doing this, you are signifying to the universe more accurately what you are trying to do, and that is to make your dream job a reality for you. 

I will emphasize the importance of being specific in writing down your job. 

Third Step: Visualize The Version Of Yourself That Has This Job

Make a mental picture as detailed as you can that effectively depicts who you are at this current stage in life. Visualize yourself conducting the work this job description entails. Visualize your day to day activities with this job having been obtained. 

Fourth Step: Adopt The New Version Of Yourself

After this moment you are not the same individual you were moments ago. You have adopted qualities of great conviction, preferences to situations of adversity and trials, your thought processes are a little different. You’re beginning to put yourself into the shoes of the version of yourself that not only deserves this job, but was destined for it. So much so that the idea of you having any other job would be impossible. 

Fifth Step: Learn, Study, Repeat

After having adopted and rebooted your internal programming to match the version of yourself that is more than capable of having this job position it is time to take action. The best way for you to prepare yourself for when the universe grants you the opportunity to obtain this job is to learn and study as much as you can about this job. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What Is the Job Description?
  • How Much Does This Occupation Make?
  • Can I Start My Own Company or Work For The Man?
  • What SkillSets Are Best Suited For This Job?
  • How Can I Obtain Knowledge On This Job?
  • How Can I Upgrade Myself To Become Better Than My Competition?
  • Are There Prerequisites?
  • Where Can I Start?

  • Learn, Read, & Watch tutorials, books, guides, forum posts, Facebook groups, Instagram influencers, Youtube videos, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You have the entire accumulation of the world's knowledge at your fingertips, use it. Do not rely on college classes solely or at all. If your learning methods are rigorous and effective you can and will pick up the skills that make you an absolute diamond in the mud amongst your competitors. 

    Sixth Step: Practical Implementation

    Continuously Test Yourself by exerting physical energy and effort to your end goal. Test Your knowledge online, if you can’t find any tests make your own. Find out what you don’t know, and after learning and studying continuously review notes every morning or night until the advanced knowledge in your field becomes easily retrievable at a moment's notice from your saved mental data files. 

    DJ/ Music

    If you dream of becoming a DJ, make mixes for yourself non-stop. Review them and how you can make them better, there are an infinite number of transitions and effects along with varying tempos and sound frequencies you can adjust to make it the most desirable sounds anyone has ever heard. 

    Web Development/ Software Engineering

    Moreover if you dream of becoming a web developer continuously make your own websites non-stop with each project you make incorporating a feature of the last but more defined along with a new feature you have just learned eventually you will begin to make sites high enough in quality to sell for a lot of money. 


    In addition, if you believe in becoming a photographer, take pictures. Fill your SD card up always trying out different angles and lightings of the same or varying object to understand what factors need to be in play for you to make an enhanced composition. Adjust your camera settings continuously to find out what doesn’t work and what does. 

    Social Media Influencer/ Entertainment / Marketing

    If your dream is to become a world famous social media influencer. First you will need to pick a niche or a list of niches that you find yourself attracted to mentally. Make posts, lot’s of posts. This industry relies on staying relevant and in the limelight of your niche. Mix up your posts styles to see what is gaining views and likes continuously like a mad man or woman. Embrace the route of experimentation and learning and enhancing your knowledge. 

    Theater / Performance

    Adopt new moves and physical skill sets. Continuously refine your body and your abilities to learn and pick up new attributes. Practice, practice, practice. Make routines or scripts and be in front of a mirror perfecting minute gestures or movements that enhance the routine to perfection. Adopt and organize new routines and dialogues to further your progression. 

    The main takeaway from the practical implementation is that this is the phase where you dedicate your blood sweat and tears to with ultimate conviction. The old you is a thing of the past and now the only one that remains is the one that is destined for this job as if it were written in the stars or a book of prophecy from ancient times. This is the phase where the saying and mentality of the famous meme “Just Do It!” resides in. 

    Seventh Step: Adopt Faith

    The one aspect that will keep you on this road. The one quality that will ensure that your motivation does not falter and your ship keeps moving forward at full wind speed is faith. 

    Faith is the wind in your sails, it is the tool that you will learn how to adopt to be your never ending source of energy and conviction.

    Have faith in yourself through the blood sweat and tears that there is nothing you can’t learn, nothing you can bounce back from, nothing you can’t achieve. You are the greatest there ever was to do it. Have faith that one day you will be sitting in the seat of the web development chair earning the highest salary, in the DJ booth of the world's greatest stage or concert, getting the highest offers from a composition you’ve made, Acting or performing next to the world's best on stage or in a movie. 

    Having faith not only in yourself but in the universe to provide you with the opportunities to scale your positioning closer and closer to the end result. The universe will not hear your demands without the input of both physical and mental energy. Your goals whenever you put them at the top of your to-do list becomes your life mission at that very moment, nothing else matters, nothing else will distract you. The highs and the lows of your journey will serve both to strengthen your conviction and progress towards your end results giving you faster and stronger winds for your ship to travel its journey with. 

    Eighth Step: Identify The Intruder

    There is one aspect of yourself that may be resisting your mission, may be resisting opportunities that the universe has provided you that may be a catalyst in your efforts in pursuing your dream job. Identify this part of yourself, give it a name, speak with it in your mind. This is not truly you, in fact it never was. 

    This alternate presence in your mind that is doing its best at attempting to dissuade you in the pursuit of your goals and aspirations is an intruder. It takes the form of you, and adopts your voice, it familiarizes itself by presenting itself in your mind. It is the only place it exists and bears no weight in reality aside from attempting to manifest your failure, while you on the other hand are manifesting your success. 

    This can be considered a separate entity all together and should never be listened to or heard out. In order to effectively silence this entity that is ever persistent, you will need to identify it. While you are hearing thoughts of doubt, inadequacy, low self worth, moments without faith, these are the cues and indicators that the intruder is present. It is important to remember that your goals are always within your reach no matter what happens, good or bad. Do not attempt to persuade the intruder, its only purpose is to make you fail by any means, even telling you that you are good enough in some instances if it means that your progress to becoming better is halted. 

    There is only one way to silence the intruder whenever it presents itself. When the intruder presents itself through negative thoughts, moments of doubt, or feelings of inadequacy command your existence at an amplitude louder than the intruder could ever hope to reach. Command it and take back your mind and body in this reality. Declare that this is your body, your mind, your power that cannot be taken away from you and feel the reign of your command return to your mind, your limbs, your veins and your cells. 

    Give it a name and a target on its back, ensure that the intruder never overstays his welcome through mental force. You will need to get aggressive for this to work as the intruder prays on the weak willed and softer individuals. 

    Ninth Step: Reward Your Progress

    Every step, action you take that signifies your conviction and faith towards your goal should be rewarded. This is not an excuse to not get a good night's rest, actually it is the opposite. Granted we are human and should let loose once in a while to keep our enjoyment of this pursuit high, yet find rewards that even still aim either to rejuvenate your mental and physical energy so you can get back in the chase as effectively as possible. 

    This can be a night to yourself. Going to the movies by yourself, treating yourself to your favorite restaurant, taking the day off etc. 

    Every inch you take that brings you closer to yourself should be validated by your voice or feelings alone, no one else is on your journey and thus no one else can complete your journey for you, therefore the opinions of others regarding your progress is severely inconsequential to the outcome of your efforts. 


    Manifesting your dream job position is very possible and very real. You can essentially think of any job position you desire and then sooner or later you will bring it front the dimension of thought into reality. This is the unique power that all of mankind possesses. Do not let yourself think this is a fairytale or simply a scene out of a Harry potter movie this is real power right here. Mankind is equipped with the abilities to change and bend reality to fit their needs and desires. It takes inputs of two different kinds of energy. Mental and physical,

    Mental energy is for:

  • Identifying Your Goal
  • Learning & Absorbing Information
  • Identifying & Silencing Your Intruder
  • Visualizing Your Success
  • Validating Your Efforts

  • Physical Energy Is For:

  • Practice or Practical Implementation of New Skills
  • Putting Yourself In Situations That May Benefit You

  • It is important to cultivate a healthy mental status whenever you attempt to manifest your goal or dream job. In doing so settings or areas of complete silence where you can reflect internally with minimal distractions is best for this. To enhance your setting invest in scented candles and decor that induce a calm state of mind for you to begin forming a relationship with yourself and the universe through. Our top recommendations are found in this store for this venture. 

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