Are You Supposed To Manifest Everyday?

Are You Supposed To Manifest Everyday?

It is in human nature to desire many things, Cars, Money, Happiness, Love, Success, etc. For those who are already aware of mankind's superpower to manifest their greatest dreams and aspirations turning them from thought to reality, even still there are many questions that may linger or sprout out of the woodworks that we should do our best to shed a little more light on. 

Now the very essence of being able to effectively manifest your goal is to hone in on what it is you want specifically. Manifesting is dedicating your time, effort and faith every morning through every night. Yes you should be manifesting everyday. 

Let’s take a deeper look into manifesting. Learn more about the in-depth 

What are the Guidelines For Manifesting?

On your scourge for the most congruent and tried and true methods for effectively manifesting your goals and desires you will come across two strategies. 

Strategy A: Selecting a singular goal or desire in which you choose to turn from thought to reality and really honing in on the essence of that particular journey. 

Strategy B: Creating a “manifestation list” in which you feature more than one goal that you will dedicate your time and energy towards everyday. 

One thing both of these strategies have in common is the factor of translating the initial goal or desire from thought to reality by putting in the crucial effort to write it down. As long as you're making your physical mark in reality with what it is that you truly want to achieve you’re already ahead of most people as they do not even take the time to write down their aspirations. 

A More In Depth Analysis As To Which Manifesting Strategy Is More Beneficial 

While both of these strategies for manifestation are tried and true and do in fact yield results, there are some caveats to both of them depending on who you are that can significantly counteract your progress manifesting your goals. 

Let’s take an in depth look at each type of Manifesting strategy that are currently practiced on a daily basis. We’ll be addressing each strategy's strengths and potential weaknesses of their processes. 

Strategy A: Singular Manifestation

Most practitioners knew and experienced the singular manifesting strategy. For the new practitioners of manifesting this can be part of the initial learning curb for them to effectively adopt the lifestyle of being able to manifest one's goals. 

The singular manifestation strategy is often used for goals of considerable magnitudes. These goals can look something like attaining that new job promotion, finding the love of your life, cultivating health, happiness, or money. 

The Pros of Strategy A: 

Manifesting your goals is not completely free. There is a cost to transmuting thoughts and desires into reality, this cost being two types of energy, your mental, and your physical. Mental energy is used to focus on what it is you truly want out of life, embedding it into your subconscious and also mental energy is for ensuring your convictions and faith remain on course. 

  • Streamlined Manifesting: In singular manifestation, your time and energy are dedicated to a singular goal and desire. The more time and energy that you dedicate to your goals the faster the manifestation process is completed. 
  • Specificity: The specificity of this strategy alone helps to instill the goal into one's subconscious mind. When this happens the integrity of the manifestation is concrete. 
  • Conviction: There is a higher sense of purpose as you are focused on one specific target. There are far fewer distractions and tangents that can falter you off of the direct path to your success. 


  • Overdoing It: There is a potential for an individual to get lost in the thought of attaining their goals over being progressive towards them. Manifesting is the accumulation of both mental and physical energy. When there is one singular goal mixed with a weak conviction to change their lifestyle completely they will misinterpret the process of manifesting and begin to develop negativity around their goal. 
  • Loss of Faith: Over time thinking of the same thing and following the same routines and patterns can get a bit bland. In the realm of manifesting your goals if the pursuit of your goal becomes stale then an individual is more likely to completely give up their manifestation. Manifestation is not a chase where you run after your goal until you’re tired. It is making precise adjustments to your habits and life along with cognitive thought processes that will help you inch closer and closer. The entire process of manifesting your goals should be seamless and relaxed. Faith is the aspect of manifestation that keeps the process calm. Those with little faith in the universe and themselves to uphold the course they have set themselves upon will falter easy once their immediate gratification is unsatisfied. 
  • Unhealthy Relationship: Some individuals that are not in tune with the purpose and process of manifestation may begin to form unhealthy thought processes when thinking upon their goals. They express that they want it so badly internally,, and over time if this attachment is left unchecked will begin to emphasize the current state of not having achieved their goal. Feelings of impatience will grow, negativity will begin to surround the goal, what eventually happens is that the person will become so stuck on the fact that they have not reached their goal and this thought process can tell the universe that their goal is unreachable as they slowly begin to convince their subconscious with the same negative thought process
  • Laziness: Some individuals will experience inhibitions along their journey of manifesting. These inhibitions can express themselves in a sudden loss of motivation as manifesting encompasses the seamless efforts of lacing your life with new practices that you should be able to do blindfolded without much validation to begin with. Think of manifesting like a software reboot for your brain in  which you internally adopt new characteristics downloaded from the universe’s cloud. 

Strategy B: Multiple Manifestations

This strategy encompasses the ability to manifest multiple goals and aspirations into one's life at once, like having a to-do list. This strategy is more used by the manifesting professionals as the path is easy to fall off of. Typically the more effective of the two strategies is Strategy A because in following the singular manifesting path there are far fewer possibilities for distractions and occasions of inhibitive thought patterns. Once strategy B is implemented properly then there are certainly rewards to reap. 

Benefits of Strategy B:

  • Stimulating: There are many more reasons as to why manifesting multiple goals can keep an individual on the path to success and one factor is that this strategy is utterly stimulating to undergo. For those who are task oriented and find validation knocking multiple tasks out at once, this is the ideal manifestation strategy as this keeps high levels of positivity in completing day to day tasks. Moreover, the rewards can be of greater value as tasks pertaining to different goals are completed as well. The ball can feel like it's moving faster. 
  • Less Chance Of Resistance: Humans grow tired and bored. In a world like todays filled with instant gratification it is not uncommon for an individual to renounce their manifestation path due to the lack of synthetic validation the media has convinced us is important. In this strategy of manifestation there are fewer chances to step in your own way as there are different avenues to jump to constantly in the pursuit of other goals. 


Ability to Focus: One of the issues that a practitioner of strategy B has is that it is much harder to keep high levels of focus on their goal. Distractions and priorities can become blurred and the person is left frozen of their being so much to do. This can be avoided by keeping the manifesting list relatively small and honing in on the bigger goals that the individual would like to accomplish.

For beginners it is suggested to have a maximum of 3 goals that they can fit in their day to day manifesting routine. For example one could have a manifesting list comprising these goals: Health, Money, Love.

This can help segment the person's day as there can be a time for physical exercise, money generating avenues, and also going out to meet new people. 


In the hopes of accomplishing and achieving what exactly it is you want out of life, manifestation should be conducted everyday. It sounds like a chore however it is not as tedious as you may think. Manifestation as stated before encompasses a more passive approach utilizing one's relationship with themselves and the relationship with reality, existence, the universe, God. It goes by many names. With complete faith in one's human ability to bring thought into reality the practice of manifestation is calm, relaxed, like watching a movie on Netflix or a TV show. 

As long as the individual is going through the correct motions pertaining to the goal in place then manifestation occurs whether the individual truly wants it to or not. It is important to remember that all of us are constantly manifesting something at any given moment. Here in this field we are discussing how to leverage the science of our gift and reach our highest potentials in life. 

Going out to see the sunrise every morning, meeting and speaking with new people, can manifest the future with plenty of options. While sitting home alone all day and not particularly working on achieving anything can manifest a future of limited possibilities and loneliness. 

The universe is the greatest most generous provider and will give you want you work towards with full conviction, it is also fair. The universe will not hand out opportunities if the grant will fall upon ungrateful hands.

We hope this article answered some of your manifesting questions. If you want to fully delve into the world of spirituality and universal oneness visit our shop and join our mailing list.

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