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How to Manifest Health Using Law of Attraction?

In busy society like today's individuals are distracted from the relationship they have with their own health and wellness more than ever. We feed ourselves junk food or take multiple trips to the nearest fast food restaurant when the going gets tough. Physical exercise seems like it's locked behind a gym subscription fee, and healthy grocery prices are typically more expensive than a frozen pizza. Health is wealth, this is the undying truth in all of our lives. When we are healthy we are able to better enjoy the fruits of life. 

For those select few who have caught on to their deteriorating health and are looking to take back control of their health we are going to teach you the secret ingredient to achieving your health standards. With anything you do in life the primary factory is properly setting your mental course to undergo the tribulation ahead. Setting out to achieve your health standards is no different.

We will be addressing how to accurately set your mental course for success for this journey. Proper mental input of your goals is often referred to as manifesting as the entire journey to health begins with a thought or desire towards a goal. The goal in this case is realized after implementing the proper mental convictions and energy outputs towards the end result. In short, your abstract and untethered thought is manifested into your life after succeeding in your venture.  

Mental Calibration

Let’s first cover some ground knowledge. Everyone and we mean everyone is capable of manifesting their health. Manifesting doesn't just work in shedding a few pounds it is also used to benefit one's pursuit of love, money, and other avenues of success. Essentially anything you think of can be manifested into your life for you to experience.

To begin calibrating your mind towards your health there is one thing you will need to put into perspective. Your manifestation depends solely on your own conviction, how bad do you want it? 

The action of manifesting your goals involves two parties. One party being you, and the other party being what is being referred to as “source”, “the universe”, “existence”, “God”, for the sake of this article we will be referencing it as “the universe”. Whatever you believe personifies the realm of reality, this is what you will be making your declarations to. 

Step 1: Strengthen Your Relationship With The Universe 

The universe is what will be providing you with your goals at the end of the day. Manifestation is a direct line of communication with the universe in this regard. In order to properly manifest. 

Adopt the philosophy suggesting that you will first need to strengthen your bond with the universe by imagining a 1 on 1 sales pitch. 

You will be the one making your declarations of your goals, while the universe will be the listener and investor. Moving forward, know this, the universe only grants its blessings to those who want their goals with full bodied conviction. 

This means that when you are alone or on your off time you are constantly thinking of your goals and how you are going to achieve them. This will indicate to the universe that you are set on the correct path and will prompt the investor to bestow up on your aspirations. 

The main takeaway is to recognize and picture the universe as a separate entity in which you may demand your goals from. The universe being the high frequency and loving energy it is will most definitely provide you with opportunities for you to achieve whatever you have set your mind to. It is this innate power to communicate with reality through our minds that enables mankind to create and to destroy. It is what separates us from animals and insects. 

Recognize your innate ability to manifest whatever it is you hope to achieve, especially your health, money and success. 

Step 2: Be Specific About Your Health Goals

We will need to re-evaluate your goals for specificity and congruence. The universe will not grant you your demands if you yourself are unsure of what you want to attain. In the realm of health you will need to have a specific goal besides just being healthy. 

For example: your goal should look something like i want to lose 20lbs, or i want to be able to run a mile without keeling over, or i want to increase my muscle mass, something along these lines. These are realistic goals that will accelerate the process of your success climbing the ladder of your aspirations. 

The universe is the best, most reliable provider of what you dedicate your energy to. If, in your mind, you are unclear about what your goals are, or are too general with your desires, the time in which you will see your goals come to fruition may be longer to achieve than you think or worse. 

It is important to keep your goals in the back of your mind at all times. From the first thing you think of in the morning, to the last thing you think of at night. Picture yourself accomplishing your specific goal as much as you can until you begin to dream of it. When this happens you will know that you have created an ally to help you on your journey, your subconscious. 

When your mind is fully dedicated to achieving your specific health goal half the battle is already won. 

Step 3: Make It Real 

Once you have a clear understanding of your specific goals and what you want the universe to provide you with you will need to begin the process of transmuting that thought or idea into the physical realm in which you live. 

Begin by taking a piece of paper,  or a white board. It is best to stay away from writing down your goals in a device as the goal itself will not exist outside of the computer. Write your Name at the top of the paper followed by “My Goal”. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to be writing a specific goal. After this step is complete follow it up by writing the steps and tasks that you believe will get you there underneath the heading. It can be something like running a mile everyday at 4:30pm, it can be removing bad habits from your life, or lifting a certain weight x number of times, a meal plan, etc. Whatever you believe in this moment will help you achieve this goal belongs in this section. 

By doing this set of actions alone you are telling the universe that this is what you want and this is your plan on how to get it. The universe will listen to you if this process is done effectively as you are now beginning to formulate a path for yourself that no other can do for you. The universe is the most generous and loving investor there is, it wants you to succeed in the pursuit of your dreams and goals however it needs something to invest in.

If you were to just sit around and constantly think about your dreams and goals with little to no action taken to achieve them then the universe would simply deem you unworthy of actually obtaining said dreams and goals to put it quite frankly. Your burning passion and desire will be conveyed if you chase your goals with your entire being. 

Step 4: Learn as Much as You Can

Learn about your niche and continuously revise your tasks if needed. In this stage it is your duty and responsibility to learn as much as possible about your goal. What exercises benefit you the most, what foods, what habits, etc. and implement them into your routine and on your paper.

By taking the initiative to study the niche of health or any other goal you set you are only strengthening your grounds for the universe to invest in you. Moreover, learning about what factors will need to be put into play will exponentially speed up your own success as you get rid of the redundancies or distractions that are lying in between you and your success for manifesting your health. 

Read blogs, books, watch videos, learn from other peoples experiences as much as humanly possible everyday continuously. Sooner rather than later you will have created for yourself the most optimal path to achieving your goal of good health. 

Step 5: Practical Implementation

The very moment when you have completed writing down your specific goal and demand from the universe you begin your journey. Once you have pictured the end result of your success and have expressed undying desire to accomplish it is time to give the goal energy, physical energy.

By thinking of your goal alone you will not see the goal come out into reality. Instead it will simply inhabit your mind. Not working towards your goals but continuously thinking of them is highly discouraged as A. you will not accomplish anything let alone getting into good shape and B. you will betray yourself. You're telling your mind, this is what I want but I am not capable of achieving it which is false. This can lead to heading down a path of low self worth and self esteem. 

Every individual is capable of achieving their dreams from the moment any goal is desired, however it is important to note that there are two kinds of energy you will need to give to the universe to achieve these goals.

  • Mental Energy (Thinking of your goal and picturing your success)
  • Physical Energy (Completing small tasks that will make your goal more realistic)

  • The second kind of energy encompasses what we call practical implementation, or practice.

    If the goal is your good health you will need to first lay out your journey on a piece of paper with small tasks that will bring your overall goal to fruition. This can be 5 min of exercise a day, emptying junk food out of the fridge and consuming only healthy products, or removing bad habits.

    Everything has a price however manifesting your goals is a bit different. Don’t expect to express great desire for your goals and not have to spend anything on your end. The currency is energy as you are essentially bringing a concept or alternate reality into the realm in which you exist for you to experience. 

    This process however should be relatively easy and straightforward. Allow yourself to follow your routine without standing in your way. Except this new lifestyle as better for yourself and those around you and you should think of it as the new normal. More importantly do not stand in your own way. When you are feeling lazy or unmotivated this is the only hurdle that stands between you and your goal and should not be blown out of proportion to where your process is halted completely. 

    It is in these moments that the universe will reward you shortly after you have bested the situation. 

    Step 6: Have Faith 

    While you are experiencing the ups and downs of your journey as this is what makes a conquest a proper conquest, there is one determining factor that you should do your best never to lose sight of in your own pursuit. That is faith. 

    Faith when manifesting is one of your the three golden tickets to one day being able to live and breathe with your goal accomplished. It represents your conviction and ultimately puts you in a state of high frequency closest to love. Love for yourself, love for others, love for the pursuit of your dreams. 

    Faith is what will protect you from betraying yourself in moments of laziness or from feelings of frustration and inhibitions. 

    If you don’t have faith in yourself to accomplish your goals or the universe to provide you with opportunities to get you closer to achieving your goals, your course is not true and will not be blessed by the universe. 

    Step 7: Reward Your Accomplishments Daily

    There is a difference between indulgence and reward. One of which may counteract the progress you have made towards your health goals if abused. It is best to stay away from doing this. 

    Whenever you have successfully completed a task bringing yourself closer to your goal reward yourself. The best way to do so is in a calming and relaxing environment. Give yourself the recognition that you deserve and allow your own voice and validation to be of higher value than other individuals. Hear yourself congratulate your own efforts. 

    There are multiple ways to reward yourself aside from words of affirmation. You can make yourself a cozy bubble bath, clean your living space, make yourself something nice to eat, etc. 

    The take away being that whenever you have made progress in reference to your paper which can be completing your daily goals you should reward your accomplishments. In doing so, the relationship with your mind enhances directly and your relationship with the universe indirectly. 


    Manifesting good health is in your power. It will cost only two types of energy to make it a reality. Mental energy from you refining your goal, having faith, and picturing yourself in the end result, and physical energy, your practical implementation or practice towards your goal. Make sure you reward yourself with your smaller accomplishments whenever completed and if it's a daily routine reward yourself daily. Most importantly do not allow yourself to stand in your own way. It is tempting to believe that the universe will provide you with what you want with little to no effort on your part however this will not be the case. 

    Bonus Tip Relax and Rejuvenate: Make sure whenever the day is done you are relaxing properly. Refueling both of your energy types in the most optimal settings and fragrances for your breathing. One of the most common factors for you to address is that if you are having any trouble staying on course towards your goal then it is likely that you are not properly recharging your energy and thus not allowing yourself to keep your high frequency and conviction.

    Low energy is a breeding ground for laziness and thoughts of inhibitions to begin lacing your mind. If you are in need of any kind of spiritually rejuvenating objects and or scented candles specifically designed to aid you in your quest for manifesting your goals visit our website and check out some manifestation items that will help you in the process of your manifestation ritual. 

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