How to manifest when you have doubts?

How to manifest when you have doubts?

Self doubt can oftentimes be attributed to a little voice in our heads that tells us we are not worthy, we can’t do something, we don’t have what it takes etc. This little voice is the reason why many people go on and live their lives not being able to reach their full potential. 

They will miss out on opportunities that could have made them realize their dress and at the end of the day become a better, more productive member of society as a result. 

This little voice has existed since the beginning of human time, and with such a long period of time interacting with it, we as humans have come up with varying different methods on how to silence the self-doubt. 

Why You Should Silence This Voice

This voice exists for a reason. From a biological standpoint earlier in the stages of human life where almost everything we did was high stakes and a matter of life and death especially when it comes to feeding yourself, this little voice served to help us make more educated decision on whether or not that carcass being eaten by those lions is worth the effort to steal. This little voice would probably lead us in the right direction by letting us know this venture is futile and will likely lead to our own doom. 

Fast forward a few millennia and this voice remains in our biological make. The main difference is that the stakes aren't the same and in turn the voice continues to dilute their ability to accomplish tasks because well what else is it going to do right?

In a world like todays where we no longer have to steal food from the claws of lions and tigers, the voice instead speaks to us when we are in situations of high anxiety. Talking to members of the opposite gender, competing without peers, any scenario where we put our abilities to the test really the voice will make itself present and not typically be the one cheering you on. 

This voice is everything that encompasses self-doubt and for the rest of the article will be referred to as such. Self-doubt serves no purpose in a world like todays and everyone should be looking to extinguish the concept from their brains as soon as possible. 

Let it run wild or even listen to it for too long without any control over it and you will surely personify the version of yourself that likely won’t accomplish much. Self-doubt is toxic and usually strengthens itself by attacking your weakness and insecurities, all of which mind you can be altered or worked on for the most part, so shouldn't be a big enough reason to stop your progress in anything you aspire to achieve. 

When an individual effectively rids themselves of any form of Self-doubt the sky becomes the limit, and anything can be achieved that they put their own mind to. The world becomes full of possibilities and not an overwhelming source for inhibitions. Everyone should be working towards this goal. Below we will be taking a closer look into how you and potentially others you know can effectively rid your mental states of any self-doubt leading you to accomplish great things like love, money, success, and health. 

Humans & Perfection

The first step into ridding yourself of the voice personifying self-doubt is to lay down some mental groundwork. No human is perfect, there is not a single individual walking the earth that hasn't made a single mistake or will not continue to make mistakes in the future. This is how you should understand the world. We are all trying to do the best we can with what we’ve got, that’s life. Allowing your self-doubt to become the reason why you don’t reach for the stars is counter will surely give you many headaches and regrets. Realize that no one is perfect since the label itself is highly subjective. 

What could be referred to as perfect for someone will most likely be sub par for another and vice versa. By letting go of the need to be viewed or referred to as perfect by all individuals you encounter or interact with aid you in getting a stronger hold over managing your self-doubt. Instead replace the need to be perceived as perfect by others with full acceptance of yourself, after all no one is leading your life for you, so the opinions of others should never be at the forefront of why you set out to achieve your ambitions. 

Grant yourself the domain in your headspace that the only opinion of yourself that matters is your own. Moreover, clear your headspace of the irrelevant dialogue your self doubt gives you and replace it with your own affirmations of self acceptance. 

Accept everything you are in this moment, come to terms with your shortcomings, and insecurities and begin to form a fondness for the opportunities that allow you to work on them. 

Now once you have come to terms with accepting this as reality you are already light years ahead of getting rid of your self doubt than you were a few moments ago. 

Learn to acknowledge doubts you have about yourself as a part of being human. There is nothing unnatural about feeling not up to a particular task. Everyone experiences this at some point or another, especially your favorite celebrities who are constantly in the public view. 

The difference between someone who can be perceived as successful and the latter is solely the ability to control their own self-doubts. The very minute you decide that self-doubt will not have any power over your ambitions is the moment you will free yourself from the possibility of not reaching your potential. 

Sometimes controlling the impact that self doubt has on you is easier said than done, especially for those who have not looked into any grounding techniques that will prevent the little voice in your head from getting too out of hand. 

Let’s look at some techniques you can implement yourself that you can use to take back the power from your self-doubt whenever it presents itself. 

Separate Yourself From That Little Voice

As your own doubts will go on to question your particular venture you can practice returning the favor. Doubt your own doubt by questioning its validity. You will find out that more times than not the little voice in your head is not an accurate reflection of what is true.

For example the little voice may express something like “you’re not good enough”, well in turn you can say something like “says who”. An interaction as simple as this can ultimately void your self doubt in this particular instance. 

One thing to realize is that you are not your thoughts. Simply because this idea has crossed your mind does not mean that you are the one who conjured it up. You are not your thoughts, you are the observer of your thoughts. Invalidate your self doubt by separating yourself from them. 

Simply because you may observe a thought that expresses or paints an image of yourself as being incapable for a particular task does not mean that this is the case. You yourself have the power to rebuke these thoughts of invalidation and moreover to take a defiant stance on these said inhibitions

Confront The Voice

The best way to confront your self doubt is to characterize it. Once you have gotten down the ability to separate yourself from the voice in your head, a good technique would then be to characterize it. Give it a name, something like “Debby Downer” will work just fine. 

This will allow you to better be able to confront the inhibitor. A good practice to conduct whenever self-doubt begins to intrude on your mental space would be to confront the little voice by saying “listen here Debby Downer…” and go on to invalidate its claims. This can dramatically help you keep a lid on anything these inhibitions may express. 

Maximize Your Goals Minimize Your Fear

Another good technique you should have up your sleeve is to condition your mental state on what to believe. Believe in your mission with conviction and do not allow your fears to taint your journey. Realize that the primary obstacle on whatever venture you choose to take will be these thoughts of inhibition primarily. It’s this obstacle that stops individuals from taking the first step into realizing their dream and moreover convinces them to give up when they have started their journey. 

Put your goals at the forefront of your motivation. When your conviction and faith in your goals bear more weight than anything else in the world nothing will be able to stop you. 

Surround Yourself With People of Similar Interests

There is arguably no better or seamless way of voiding out the voices of self-doubt then by doing it socially. Find a group of people that share your interests and beliefs and effectively build your own support group. If your doubts about yourself get too out of hand it is always a plus to have healthy doses of reality given to you to bring your back out of the clouds. 

Your friend group can change your life, and if you recognize that certain friends or individuals are not aiding you in becoming comfortable with yourself or pushing you towards productivity it would be good to put some distance from these individuals. 

Manifesting With Self Doubt

Being able to call upon the universe to help you achieve your goals and aspirations will not be possible until you get your levels of self doubt under control. With so many distractions and societal labels turning many individuals off their path to success dealing with your self doubt has never been more difficult. 

Relax and reflect on what it is that is causing you not to feel comfortable in your own skin and actively seek to restore the balance within yourself to be able to pursue your dreams. 

Manifesting calls for ultimate conviction in oneself and will not work for those who falter or do not have faith in their own capabilities to see their journeys through. We’ve laid out a guide for you on how you can work to extinguish the overwhelming effects of self doubt but the one thing you must master in order to do so is how to relax. 

How to clear your mind of mental toxins that deceive you from a perspective of reality and truth. Master stillness and acceptance while you're alone and before you know it you’ll be able to sit in a loud and crowded social gathering in full confidence as your character becomes unfaltering. 

As a pro tip when learning how to master your levels of self doubt alone either through meditation or a nice bubble bath you will want to create an atmosphere that encourages healthy thought process. So many aspects of your surroundings can have an impact on your train of thought.

We suggest looking to for affordable spiritual trinkets that can help relax your mind in these efforts. Don’t forget to treat yourself along your journey to reaffirm to the universe that you are on the correct path towards peace and love in any mission you are working towards.

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