Can't manifest anything

Can't manifest anything? Try these techniques

Are you feeling frustrated because manifestation isn’t working for you? If you’ve been trying to manifest things for a while, or you are just getting started, you may find that manifesting what you want doesn’t happen quite as quickly as you would like.

Wondering why you can’t seem to manifest your goals? Are you putting in the effort yet not beholding any results? First thing to be aware of is that manifestation takes time. You’re likely on the right track already to give you some validation, however your manifesting strategy may need a bit of refinement if you're feeling frustrated.

Most people will be or have been in your shoes at this very moment. They begin the process of manifestation, write down their goals, and begin implementing lifestyle changes to suit their path. Sooner or later they begin to have doubts or begin to cultivate inhibitions that take them away from their ideal and most optimized manifestation path.

In this article we are going to take a look at some tips to troubleshoot your manifestation strategy.

There are some attributes about yourself that you will likely need to reflect upon. The time it takes for manifestation to begin showing signs of realization comes down to your faith not only in yourself but the universe to provide you with opportunities and time.

The universe is working nonstop to find the perfect situation to put you in to streamline you to accomplishing your goals. This takes time, if you give up on manifesting or expressing doubts to yourself and the universe you are sending mixed signals to the universe which may halt or sevely extend the time you will have to wait for said opportunities.

Moreover, if you are steadfast in your thought process and express full faith and dedication to accomplishing smaller tasks that you have outlined for yourself mixed in with a bit of reward for yourself when you complete these tasks, manifestation becomes certain. So there's no reason to worry or cultivate doubts if you're doing everything that aligns you with your goals.

To begin troubleshooting and figuring out why manifestation isn't working for you it is suggested to do a bit of internal reflection.

  • Do I really want (insert goal)?
  • Am I working towards (insert goal)?
  • Am I standing in my own way?
  • What Is distracting me from my goal?

Is Manifestation Effective?

For some individuals, manifestation doesn’t work. Yet, we are all capable of manifestation at all times, it is the innate superpower that humans are born with. It is what separates us from other forms of life on the planet, it is why we have cities, planes, rockets, farms, clothes, etc. Our ability to think of an idea and then bring that idea into reality is extra dimensional and shouldnt be taken for granted.

These individuals who struggle with manifestation are simply struggling with their faith and conviction that it is all. Focusing in on an idea long enough in your mind and doing the movements in real life will allow you to manifest pretty much anything.

The only reason it is so hard nowadays depends on what you believe can be a controlled superpower of elites distracting us from our power in the hopes to monopolize wealth, but more observably the current state of pop culture and entertainment structures are conditioning us to expect quick pay offs, and immediate gratification.

Our focus lies in whatever satisfies our feelings for conquest innately. Today, we are satisfied scrolling through tik tok, eating junk food, watching television, and we go to a job that we don’t like so we can continue supplying ourselves with distractions.

These distractions can paint a reality in which we are powerless and truly convince us there is nothing special about life or anything special about being human, yet we have the strongest superpower on the planet, manifestation. Manifestation is in short, the ability to connect with the source energy of reality some people call this, the universe, source, or God.

Humans have always had a relationship with the all powerful for millenia do you really think that it is a coincidence that this is always in your head? The fact of the matter is there is source energy within you, you are the physical embodiment of creation due to this connection. All humans are able to pull a thought from an alternate dimension that is not reality, focus in on the thought, supply the thought with energy, faith, and love, and viola the thought manifests itself.

Before you go on thinking there is no way we have the powers of a wizard. Let me redefine it for you. We have the power of source energy, it is logical to consider that the fairy tale movies we’ve all grown up with do serve as a distraction to hide our true capabilities from us. We become so oppressed with reality we want to be able to wave a wand and something happens, or fly into the air like superman.

The conditioning starts when we are kids, we are full of wonder, love, and are at the closest point to source energy most individuals will be for the rest of their lives. It is only when these kids grow up that society begins to distract them from their relationship with source energy and the power of their minds through social media, lack of guidance from parents, the world begins to lose its color because they were expecting something different. In the event that this is actually a ploy to keep the masses docile while the select few can prosper and hoard power and control, they are doing a very good job, but not good enough. You are here reading this article because you know that there is something off about the standard way of living and consuming entertainment that you can’t quite put your finger on. You also know there is something great inside you but you are just unsure what it is.

I’ll tell you what it is. It is your ability to manifest, to connect with sources and become the best version of yourself, to be a source of positive energy for those around who don’t realize their own potential as well. We are all constructs of the greatest source of love and positivity that exists, this is what lies within us all.

Now let’s get down to strengthening your bond with the universe, the best version of yourself, and your ability to manifest effectively.

Troubleshoot Your Manifestation Follow These Steps

Step 1: Believe In Faith/ Eliminate The Intruder

You must believe whatever it is that you want to manifest is possible. This plays into your ability to have faith in yourself and the universe to provide you with the stairs that will eventually lead to your goals manifestation. Simply telling yourself that I can do this is not enough. You will have to condition yourself to believe these statements, get aggressive against the thoughts telling you otherwise if you must.

These thoughts that keep getting in the way of you fully convincing yourself that you are capable of whatever you set your mind to, is what I refer to as “the intruder”. The intruder personifies the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that you may experience feeling about yourself whenever you are beginning or going through your journey.

Imagine the intruder as a separate entity that has convinced you that he/she is you. It is not in our nature to tell ourselves that we can not achieve our own goals, we are creators in our own right. The intruder convinces you that these thoughts you are having are true by taking the sound of your own voice in your head, presenting himself when you are vulnerable or alone, sometimes even in a crowded room. The intruder personifies anxiety, fear, laziness, negativity, when on the other hand the best version of yourself, the one that is connected with the source energy is anything but, the best version of yourself has no fear, no anxiety, conviction, faith, and positivity.

Seperate yourself from these intrusive negative thoughts about yourself and others by recognizing the intruder. Deal with the intruder by personifying these feelings or thoughts even more, give him/her a name. Whenever the thought of laziness or inadequacy and general negativity cross your mind, silence him/her and recommend the vessel of your body back under the control of the best version of yourself.

Step 2: Dedicate Your Mental And Physical Energy To The Journey

Another reason you may be experiencing trouble manifesting your goals is due to the fact that all of your mental and physical energy is dedicated to the outcome and not the work it takes to get there. For instance, thinking about losing 20lbs and not exercising is a good way to halt the progress of your manifestation. Instead it should be thinking about going on a 2 mile run at 6:00pm and then running 2 miles at 6:00pm. It is this line of thinking that will manifest your goals.

Once you have selected a goal from the infinite cloud of ideas and thoughts, and you write said goal down to illustrate to the universe this is the path you’ve chosen for yourself it will take two kinds of energy to manifest this reality. Mental energy and physical energy. Mental energy for keeping your focus on course and expressing faith and love, and physical energy to essentially move matter around in the 3rd dimension in a way that will allow you to experience your goal in this life.

Step 3: Don’t Expect Immediate Gratification

Manifestation is not like the wizards in Harry Potter. Real life manifestation can be long and trial based do not enter the realm of manifestation with the wrong idea as this can lead your manifestation to failure.

The universe, source, God. Is on your side in your efforts to become the best version of yourself. It will take your internal desires, your goals that you are thinking about, and provide you with tailored interactions or physical placements where it is your duty to explore and to scavenge for anything useful in any situation.

The idea is that you will not immediately know when the universe has placed you in an opportunity to boost you along your journey but when you have done your due diligence through faith, and gratification in all settings then the meaning of an interaction or opportunity illuminates itself. When an individual personifies positivity, faith and gratification then the universe's effects on your life is at its strongest as you are supremely closer to source energy than before. In other words, with these three attributes being mastered any and every situation you are in serves you in your efforts to realize your goal.

Do not expect immediate gratification, at least negatively. One fact of life is that your life specifically can change in a single moment. Adopt the philosophy that any situation you are in can change your life for the better, be ultimately grateful, compassionate, and positive in all of them and you will see through a clearer lense as to what that particular instance has to offer you in the pursuit of your goals.

Step 4 Keep Your Energy At A High Frequency

This does not mean that you should be the loudest person in the room, the rowdiest dancer, a prankster. It is by no means an excuse to act out in social settings. What keeping your energy at a high frequency truly means is to stay positive. Positivity encompasses Love (not lust), Compassion (not prejudice), Courage (not fear), Understanding (not doubt). Working and adopting these qualities is how you begin to recondition yourself for greatness and the ability to effectively manifest your goals.

When you have adopted these mantras and qualities any and every situation becomes an opportunity for you to either work on developing said qualities or a venture that once explored will grant you a more optimal path in achieving your goals. Other people can become friends, allies. Knowledge can be acquired effectively since you are beginning to take into account other peoples experiences, you may find out an example of what doesn’t work. You can make a job connection that can get you into a better pay grade. You may find someone who is selling their car etc. The opportunities become endless with what you are able to achieve and manifest when you are both on the support for others and yourself by being a personification of source energy.

Think of it like this. When you personify high frequency, you become magnetic. You begin to attract opportunities like that one sonic powerup you get when you're running through the trail and all of the golden rings get sucked into your inventory. Be like sonic sure you don't have to run fast but by being authentically yourself without fear and with love and compassion for those around you, then the world truly opens up to you and the universe will take notice and provide you with the tools that will lead you to even further greatness.


The reason why you are unable to manifest your goals may be an internal factor. We’ve addressed how to fix this but what it essentially boils down to is to reform yourself in a way that your energy is immutable and stays relatively positive and loving no matter the obstacles you are facing.

Relinquish yourself from the inhibitions that your intruder is injecting into your thoughts as this is not and never will be an accurate depiction of who you are nor what you’re capable of. Stay away from the idea that manifestation is as easy as flipping a wand, thinking about a goal for thirty minutes, and viola.

No, the reality is much more constructive, a lot more stimulating and at the end of the day you will be a better version of yourself once your goal has been realized through these methods. Remember to have faith in yourself and the universe in any situation that you are in. This makes it easy to remember that no matter where you are, what you're doing, and who you're speaking with as long as you can convince yourself that you are either out to learn or work towards your goal there is always a nugget of gold in every situation. Adopting this philosophy should aid you in restoring your ability to manifest your goals.

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