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Turquoise and Tigers Eye Bracelet- Good luck, Manifestation, Insight

Turquoise and Tigers Eye Bracelet- Good luck, Manifestation, Insight

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Turquoise and Tigers Eye Bracelet 

Watch as your good luck and fortune increase when you wear this powerful stone on a daily basis. Everything that you thought you feared will slip away as this Tiger's Eye will give you the power and courage to take action.
Tiger's Eye:
🐅 Facilitate the manifestation of your deepest desires
🐅 Increases your self-understanding
🐅 Helps you release fear and anxiety
🐅 Aids in harmony and balance
🐅 Provides clear thinking and insight
🐅 Brings you good luck

The Turquoise stone has healing properties that allow you to rock at your highest vibration. If you want physical and emotional healing, open up your chakras, and strengthen your communication, then the Turquoise should be your go-to stone!
Turquoise Stone:
💎 Protects you from outside influences
💎 Encourages self-forgiveness and self-acceptance
💎 Promotes trust, compassion for yourself and others, friendship and relationships
💎 Stabilizes mood swings and stimulates romantic love 
💎 Fosters honest and clear communication 

Made with authentic high-quality Tiger's Eye and Turquoise crystals.

Please note the listing is for ONE bracelet and 1 keepsake pouch per order.

This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.