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Love Spell Goddess Box

Love Spell Goddess Box

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Our Goddess Boxes are the ultimate metaphysical glam kits . Not only are they amazingly cute they also are super charged with tools to help you to set your intention and manifest your desires.

💗This Love Spell Goddess Box Includes:


🦄9oz Love Spell Candle: perfect for your self love rituals, goddess baths, yoga and meditation sessions. This Candle is also great for attracting new love into your life. Say your love attraction mantras as you light it.


💗1oz Love Spell Magical Intention oil: This oil is intended to attract new love, and turn up the flames in a current love situation. Wear this oil when you intent to make your dream mate appear or put your current love in a trances.

This oil is infused with red rose buds, red rose 🌹 buds are known to attract and hold a lover, bring good luck in all love affairs, increase sexual attraction, and draw in good luck in the matters of the heart.

Also infused with with pink rose leafs. Pink rose leafs will intensify femininity, elegance and grace causing deep love attractions. The pink rose leaf also invites gentleness, joy and happiness. 

Infused with jasmine flowers, jasmine flowers are known as one of the most mystical flowers. The presence of jasmine will bring good luck, grace and power.

You can wear your oil on your body, place it in your candles, use it to cleanse and charge your crystals also as a sensual massage oil.


💗1 Pink rose sage bundle ~ this beautiful floral sage bundle is intended to bring fourth love and romance as well as the typical usages of sage to clear your space of negative energy. Invite the strength of passion and divine feminine energy into your space.


💗1 Rose Quartz bracelet 10mm ~ Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.


💗1 rose quartz stone~ great for carrying in your purse or on your body to promote self love and invite the energy  of new love.




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