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Rich Bae Prosperity Bundle

Rich Bae Prosperity Bundle

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Prepare to elevate your manifestation practice and unlock the pathway to wealth and abundance.

* The heart of this set is Rich Bae Candle, a symbol of divine prosperity. Crafted with intention, each candle is infused with potent energies to align your vibrations with abundance. As you light the candle, its warm glow fills the atmosphere with positive energy and intention, creating a sacred space for manifesting financial success.

* Complementing the candle is our Rich Bae Oil, enchanted to amplify your intentions. Infused with prosperity-enhancing properties, this luxurious oil serves as a powerful tool to manifest money. Whether used in candle, on your person, meditation practices, or in the bath! It enhances your connection with the frequency of wealth and prosperity.

* To complete this transformative set, we have included our Moon Water, charged under the radiance of the full moon. Moon Water has long been known for its ability to enhance manifestation and intention-setting. Our Moon Water is specifically energized to amplify financial abundance and serves as a potent conductor for your desires.

Together, these three elements form a harmonious symphony of prosperity, empowering you to attract and manifest financial abundance in your life. Whether you are seeking to attract new opportunities, increase wealth, or remove limiting beliefs around money, the Rich Bae Prosperity Set provides the tools and energy to support your journey towards financial liberation.

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