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Zodiac Collection: Pisces Energy Candle ~ The Intuitive One

Zodiac Collection: Pisces Energy Candle ~ The Intuitive One

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If you could describe Pisces energy in three words they would be; Imaginative, Gentle, and Intuitive.


Ruled by the Neptune, Pisceans are known to be very intuitive about the world around them. They are often selfless and empathetic towards others, always wanting to extend a helping hand. Being a Water sign, Pisces have an immense emotional capacity, expansive creativity, and are incredible listeners. 

This candle will help you to feel more aligned to any Pisces energy in your chart!


This beautiful candle (just for you) is adorned with a lovely Amazonite stone. Amazonite is a powerful crystal that promotes joy and inner strength.


Just like Pisces Energy, Amazonite has been a source emotional healing, compassion, and love. This is a stone that has been known to aid in healing of past trauma and soothes anxious thinking patterns. It comes in many different shades including blue and green.

This Pisces Energy Candle will bring out your intuition, inspiration, and willpower to complete your goals!


Please note that this listing is for ONE Pisces Energy Candle ONLY. This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.