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White Sage w/ Lavender, Eucalyptus & Roses Petals- Uplifting & Positivity

White Sage w/ Lavender, Eucalyptus & Roses Petals- Uplifting & Positivity

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This White Sage with Yellow, Pink, & Blue Rose Petals bundle will bring peace and harmony into your space. With the combination of white sage, eucalyptus, flocked lavender, and rose petals, your space will feel at ease, refreshed and balanced. 

🍃 Sage is used to cleanse the energy of a space by collecting and releasing any negative vibes or stagnancies. This beautiful bundle of sage is adorned with yellow, pink, and blue rose petals.

🌹 Rose petals are known to invite the energy of sweetness and love into the space when they are burned. How lovely would it be to clear your space of negative energies and reset the intentions to invite love all at once?

🌿 Eucalyptus encourages emotional balance, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness, strengthens concentration, stimulates blood flow and can encourage visions as it awakens the spirit. The scent is also known to open the sinuses when blocked. 

💜 Lavender is known for its healing properties, burning this powerful herb releases an aroma that is known to calm anxieties and stress.

This listing is for ONE White Sage and Yellow, Pink, & Blue Rose Petals Bundle only.