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Zodiac Collection: Scorpio Energy Candle ~ The Determined One

Zodiac Collection: Scorpio Energy Candle ~ The Determined One

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If you could describe Scorpio energy in three words they would be; Passionate, Loyal, and Transformational.


Ruled by the Pluto, Scorpios are known to be dark and mysterious signs of the zodiac. They often keep to themselves and are fiercely loyal to the ones they decide to put their trust in. Being a Water sign, Scorpios can be secretly emotional and passionate, being choosy when it comes to their environment and inner circle. 

This candle will help you to feel more aligned to any Scorpio energy in your chart!


This beautiful candle (just for you) is adorned with a lovely Clear Quartz stone. Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that can do almost anything. It is a powerful amplifier and master healer. Because Scorpios are known to go through many changes in life, this beautiful stone matches your adaptable energy perfectly.


Just like Scorpio Energy, Clear Quartz has been a source power, healing, and mystery. This is a stone that has been known to also balance emotions, clear out stagnant energies, and aid in mental clarity. Clear Quartz has been one of the most popular stones for its stunning beauty and variety of uses. It comes in a variety of shades and clarities and shapes, most common points, clusters, and tumbled

This Scorpio Energy Candle will bring out your passion, aid in trust, and tap in to your powerful and mysterious nature!


Please note that this listing is for ONE Scorpio Energy Candle ONLY. This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.