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Zodiac Collection: Sagittarius Energy Candle ~ The Ambitious One

Zodiac Collection: Sagittarius Energy Candle ~ The Ambitious One

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If you could describe Sagittarius energy in three words they would be; Idealistic, Generous, and Enthusiastic.


Ruled by the Jupiter, Sagittarians are known to be adventurous, optimistic, and very curious. They are often considered expressive and always seem to be seeking new knowledge to feed their soul. Being a Fire sign, Sagittarians are sure in their decisions and quite extroverted. 

This candle will help you to feel more aligned to any Sagittarius energy in your chart!


This beautiful candle (just for you) is adorned with a lovely Citrine stone. Citrine is a powerful crystal that promotes prosperity, joy, and optimism.


Just like Sagittarius Energy, Citrine has been a source optimism, abundance, and manifestation. This is a stone that has been known to attract wealth, joy, and prosperity. It comes in many different shades including light brown to orange.

This Sagittarius Energy Candle will bring out your intuition, kindness, and emotional capacity!


Please note that this listing is for ONE Sagittarius Energy Candle ONLY. This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.