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Pink Opal Bracelet Calm•Love•Hope

Pink Opal Bracelet Calm•Love•Hope

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Fall in love with our New Pink Opal bracelet

The Pink Opal stone is going to help you realize what your greatest strengths are and how you can use them in your advantage. 

✨ helps to soothe emotions, ease anxiety, and promotes self-love.

Though all Opals are considered beautiful healing stones, Pink Opal is especially beneficial for those struggling with emotionally-charged issues.

✨ This stone gives you confidence and increases the emotions inside of your relationship.

✨ promotes genuine love, dispels depressive moods and fears.

✨ relieves inflammation and discomfort in the stomach area, promotes metabolism and strengthens the liver, especially if it is damaged by toxins and alcohol.

purifies energies without having to discharge them.

Made with authentic high-quality Pink Opal crystals. Please note the listing is for one bracelet and 1 keepsake pouch.

This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.