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Green Aventurine 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet ~ Wealth•Healing•Alignment

Green Aventurine 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet ~ Wealth•Healing•Alignment

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Isn’t our 7 Chakra Green Aventurine Crystal bracelet beautiful? 😍

This unique bracelet represents the seven chakras that centers our bodies in which our energy flows through. Each spiritual colored stone corresponds to a specific chakra to bring healing, balance, and raise vibrations.

The 7 Chakra crystals are:

💎 Amethyst (crown chakra)

💎 Lapis Lazuli (third eye)

💎 Turquoise (throat chakra)

💎 Aventurine (heart chakra)

💎 Tiger Eye (solar plexus chakra)

💎 Carnelian (sacral chakra)

💎 Red Jasper (root chakra)

The 7 Chakra has individual stones to represent each of the seven chakras. Each stone has its own energy, which can release a frequency that will “speak” to your chakra. It is the perfect bracelet for to help you stay centered and focused.

7 Chakra aids in:
-Balancing and grounding
-Cleansing and purification
-Revitalizing and Rejuvenation



Green Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially when it comes to manifesting wealth and prosperity. This stone is also used to increase favor in games of chance.


Green Aventurine: 

💰Attracts money, bonuses, pay raises and monetary gifts 

💰Releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.

💰Increases confidence 

💰Enhances one’s creativity and motivation

💰Increases good luck

💰Amplifies leadership qualities 

💰Attracts clients/customers  to your business 


Made with authentic high quality crystals.  Please note the listing is for one bracelet and 1 silk keepsakes pouch.

This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.

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