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Garnet Bracelet ~ Courage, Success, & Intimacy

Garnet Bracelet ~ Courage, Success, & Intimacy

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Garnet is a powerful stone for powerful people. It cleanses the chakras, invites passion, and activates the body in a way that can only be described as primal and intense.

It brings serenity and encourages people who work with it to be engaged with themselves and their power. Garnet helps to boost the immune system, energy levels, and strengthens your instincts. It is known to inspire love and devotion as well.



🌹 Enhances Sensuality

🌹 Prevents Emotional Disharmony

🌹 Attracts Success

🌹 Great for Intensifying Romantic Love, Intimacy, and Passion

🌹 Promotes Optimism


Made with 8mm authentic high-quality Garnet crystals. Please note the listing is for one bracelet and 1 keepsake pouch.

This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.