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Zodiac Collection: Cancer Energy Candle ~ The Nurturing One

Zodiac Collection: Cancer Energy Candle ~ The Nurturing One

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Hi Cancers!

How does it feel to be the sweetest sign of the zodiac... when you want to be. This lovely Cancer energy candle is sweet and earthy, just like you! In fact, if we could describe Cancer energy in three words Loving, Sensitive, and Intuitive are the ones that come to mind.


This beautiful Cancer energy candle is adorned with Flourite. Flourite is an energy protector, it helps to absorb any excess negativity and keep you aligned with your true joy. Fluorite is also often called the "Genius Stone" because of it's wonderful way of helping you to retain and recall information.

Cancers are extremely intelligent and because of their receptiveness, we knew fluorite would be a big help to you!


Ruled by the moon, Cancers often experience moodiness and emotional waves seeing as the moon moves through each sign every 2-3 days. The moon is the Earth's Mother and, like the moon, Cancers are strongly connected with their intuition and take great care of the people they love.


This Cancer Energy Candle will align you with any of your Cancer placements and help you bring out your inner emotional intelligence, add an extra comfortable ambiance to your private space, and strengthen your intuition.


Please note that this listing is for ONE Cancer Energy Candle ONLY. This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.