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Manifest on the Move Kit

Manifest on the Move Kit

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1. Mini Sage Bundle

    • Clears negative energy: Sage is believed to cleanse and purify spaces and objects, removing negative energies that may block manifestation.
    • Promotes clarity: Using sage can help clear your mind and enhance your focus, allowing you to set clear intentions.

2. Mini Candle

    • Amplifies intentions: Lighting a candle with a specific intention can enhance the manifestation process, as the flame is associated with transformation and spiritual energy.
    • Represents the element of fire: Fire is linked to passion and motivation, which can empower your desires and help them come to fruition.

3. Mini Florida Water

    • Spiritual cleansing: Florida water is used in various spiritual practices to purify and protect against negative influences, helping to create a clean slate for manifestation.
    • Invites positive vibrations: This cologne is believed to attract positive energies and spirits, making it an excellent addition to manifesting rituals.

4. Mini Crystal Grid

    • Amplifies intentions: The crystal grid acts as an energetic amplifier, enhancing the power of your intentions and manifestations.
    • The specific crystals included in the grid (e.g., clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz) each bring unique energies that can support various aspects of your desires, such as clarity, love, and spiritual connection.
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