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Libra Moon Water•Love•Balance•Understanding

Libra Moon Water•Love•Balance•Understanding

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Immerse yourself in the harmonizing energy of the Libra Moon with our exquisite Libra Moon Water. Crafted during the peak of the Libra lunar phase, this energized elixir is designed to restore inner balance, enhance relationships, and cultivate a sense of beauty and harmony. Experience the transformative power of the Libra Moon as it aligns your energies and fosters a deeper connection with yourself and others.


  1. Libra Moon Infusion: Our Libra Moon Water is carefully prepared under the influence of the Libra Moon, capturing its graceful and diplomatic energy. This infusion allows the water to absorb the essence of the Libra lunar phase, promoting balance, peace, and cooperation.

  2. Inner Balance: The Libra Moon is known for its ability to restore equilibrium and harmony within ourselves. Our Libra Moon Water acts as a conduit for this energy, assisting you in finding inner balance and fostering a deeper sense of peace and serenity.

  3. Relationship Enhancement: Libra is the sign of partnerships and relationships. Our Libra Moon Water can help you enhance the harmony and connection within your relationships. Use it to deepen bonds, resolve conflicts, and invite more understanding and cooperation into your interactions.

  4. Metaphysical Connection: Embrace the metaphysical realm and elevate your spiritual practices with our Libra Moon Water. It serves as a powerful tool for rituals, meditation, and intention setting, supporting your journey of self-discovery and cultivating harmonious connections with others.

  5. Versatile Application: Libra Moon Water offers various ways to incorporate its energy into your daily life. You can drink it to internalize its harmonizing properties or use it for rituals, energetic cleansing, or as an offering. Its versatility allows you to infuse every aspect of your life with the Libra Moon's gentle energy.

  6. Pure and Charged Ingredients: Our Libra Moon Water is made from pure spring water, ensuring its freshness and high vibrational quality. The water is charged under the Libra Moon to optimize its potency and align it with the energy of the lunar phase.

  7. Sustainable Packaging: We care about the environment as much as we care about your spiritual well-being. Our Libra Moon Water comes in a reusable glass bottle, reducing waste and providing you with a long-lasting vessel to store your elixir.

  8. Intention Setting: Infuse your Libra Moon Water with your specific intentions. Whether you seek balance in your personal life, improved communication in relationships, or a greater sense of beauty and harmony, set your intentions and allow the Libra Moon Water to amplify and support your desires.

Please note that this listing is for ONE Spiritual Mood Spray ONLY.  

All Properties Are Faith Based and Metaphysical In Nature, and should, therefore, not be substituted for Medical Treatment

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