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Faceted Sun Stone + Gold Bead Spacer Bracelet

Faceted Sun Stone + Gold Bead Spacer Bracelet

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Illuminate yourself and spirit with our Radiant Glow Faceted Sun Stone Bracelet. This piece features genuine faceted Sun Stone beads interspersed with elegant gold bead spacers, combining the warmth of the sun's glow with gold. Let this bracelet infuse your day with positivity, creativity, and a touch of luxury.

 Sun Stone, a gemstone of the sun's vibrant energy, infuses your being with creativity, warmth, and a zest for life. 

Gold, a symbol of luxury and abundance, perfectly complements the Sun Stone's radiant glow, creating a harmonious fusion of energies and aesthetics.

As you wear this bracelet, feel the empowering energy of Sun Stone enhancing your confidence, strength, and creativity. The gold bead spacers serve as a reminder of your inherent worth and the abundance of possibilities that life offers.



  1. Sun Stone's Radiant Energy: Sun Stone is known for its vibrant, radiant energy that brings forth joy, creativity, and positivity. It's a stone of leadership, strength, and empowerment.

  2. Elegant Gold Bead Spacer: The gold bead spacer complements the Sun Stone beads, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the design.

  3. Faceted for Brilliance: The faceted Sun Stone beads are carefully crafted to enhance their sparkle and shine, reflecting the sun's vivacity and energy.

  4. Versatile Fit: The bracelet is designed to fit most wrists comfortably, with a stretchable cord for ease of wear and removal.

  5. Perfect Gift: This Radiant Glow Faceted Sun Stone Bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for someone special or a wonderful treat for yourself, symbolizing empowerment, creativity, and radiance.


Let the Sun Stone and the allure of gold accompany you on your journey, enhancing your aura with positivity and creativity.


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