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Extended 7 Chakra Rose Petal White Sage ~ Chakra Aligment

Extended 7 Chakra Rose Petal White Sage ~ Chakra Aligment

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New Extended Rose petal ; 7 Chakra Sage bundle. Rose petals are known to invite the energy of sweetness and love into the space when they are burned; With our extended bundle you could burn your sage even longer. How lovely would it be to clear your space of negative energies and reset the intentions to invite positive energy in all at once?

That's exactly why we've created this longer ; beautiful rainbow rose petal sage bundle. It is also perfect for creating a sense of alignment as each of colors of the rose petals are attuned to healing each of the seven chakra points within the body.


Red ❤️ Root Chakra:

- Security, Inner Child, Groundedness, Home of the Divine Masculine

Orange 🧡 Sacral Chakra

- Creativity, Sexual Energy, Home of the Divine Feminine

Yellow 💛 Solar Plexus Chakra

- Will Power, Ambition, Gut Intuition, Self Expression

Green 💚 Heart Chakra

- Lovingkindness, Compassion, Alignment to Self

Blue 💙 Throat Chakra

- Bridge to Higher Energies, Communication

Deep Blue 🖤 Third Eye Chakra

- Intuition, Wisdom, Insight, Self Awareness

Violet 💜 Crown Chakra

- Connection to Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Understanding


This listing is for One Extended Rainbow Rose Petal White Sage only.

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