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Cancer Moon Water•Peace•Abundance•Intellect

Cancer Moon Water•Peace•Abundance•Intellect

Unleash the power of intention and manifest your dreams of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Infused with the potent energies of tiger’s eye and clear quartz crystals, this hand-poured soy wax candle is your spiritual ally in attracting abundance.

  • Tiger’s Eye Infusion
    A stone of luck and financial flow, perfect for budding entrepreneurs and those seeking career growth.
  • Clear Quartz Amplification
    Enhances spiritual receptiveness and magnifies the candle's manifestation abilities.
  • 100% Soy Wax
    Hand-poured with love and intention.
  • Botanical Herbs
    Fragrant herbs to elevate your manifestation rituals.
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As you light this candle, visualize your desires manifesting into reality and repeat:

Harness the power of the Cancer moon with this specially crafted Cancer Moon Water. Created during a potent Cancer lunar phase, this moon water is infused with healing energies that resonate with the nurturing and intuitive qualities of the Cancer zodiac sign. Experience the soothing and transformative properties of this unique lunar elixir.


  1. Authentic Cancer Moon Water: Each bottle contains 100% genuine Cancer moon water, carefully collected and charged under the influence of the Cancer moon phase. It embodies the celestial energies associated with the Cancer zodiac sign.

  2. Healing and Nurturing Properties: Cancer moon water is renowned for its healing and nurturing properties. It is believed to promote emotional well-being, enhance intuition, and provide a sense of comfort and security.

  3. High-Quality Ingredients: Our Cancer Moon Water is crafted using the highest quality spring water, free from contaminants. It is meticulously prepared and handled to preserve its energetic integrity.

  4. Energized and Blessed: Prior to bottling, the moon water is ritually energized and blessed, enhancing its metaphysical properties. It carries a positive intention to support your emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before using the Cancer Moon Water, take a moment to set your intention for its use. Whether you seek emotional healing, increased intuition, or a sense of comfort, clearly state your intention to infuse it into your environment.

  2. Energy Cleansing: Use the Cancer Moon Water to cleanse your personal space, such as your home, office, or meditation area. Sprinkle or mist the water around the room, focusing on areas that require energetic clearing. Visualize the healing energies permeating the space.

  3. Rituals and Ceremonies: Incorporate the Cancer Moon Water into your spiritual rituals or ceremonies. Use it to anoint candles, crystals, or other sacred objects. The water will amplify their energetic properties and infuse them with the healing energies of the Cancer moon.

  4. Meditation and Intuition: During meditation or intuitive practices, have the Cancer Moon Water nearby. You can place a few drops on your palms and rub them together, then cup your hands near your face to inhale the subtle aroma. Allow the water's energies to enhance your connection with your intuition and inner wisdom.

Please note that this listing is for ONE Spiritual Mood Spray ONLY.  

All Properties Are Faith Based and Metaphysical In Nature, and should, therefore, not be substituted for Medical Treatment

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