How To Manifest Good Energy

How To Manifest Good Energy?

Through manifestation one can manifest virtually anything. Money, Success, Love are some of the few things that are most popular in the manifestation realm of study, however manifesting is no less difficult and hard to achieve than the latter. 

Manifesting positive energy is crucial to the fruition of your other manifestation goals. The universe grants its sponsorships to those who reside in positivity, and through you seeking information on how you can utilize the gifts of positivity is monumental. If manifesting your goals are the final product, positivity is the blank canvas in which you have written down your goals and illustrate your ideas with. 

There are many reasons as to why one would look to manifesting positivity. Through an uplift in spirit, life becomes sacred, colorful, and stimulating again. For those who are residing in a dark place and are looking for a way to turn on the light, you have just found the switch in which you will claim the power that has been seemingly stripped from you. Furthermore, through the manifestation of positivity you will have the energy and compassion to spread love and happiness to others as manifesting this energy is anything but selfless at the end of the day. 

First, there is some general ground knowledge we will need to touch upon to make sure that manifesting positive energy is best done by removing any doubts and inhibitions from yourself as equally as in the process that you will be committing yourself to. Let’s jump right in. 

Manifestation Brief Overview

Manifestation is the process of bringing something from your desired reality (your thoughts, dreams and goals) into your physical reality.

What is Manifestation? Is Manifestation Real? How Soon will Manifestation get me what I want? These are all valid questions especially amongst newcomers to the practice, however in this brief overview we will be touching upon and answering all of your potential curiosities and questions regarding what manifestation truly is. 

Manifestation is the innate power that resides within all members of the human race. It involves all of our characteristics that separate us from the rest of earth's inhabitants being animals. It is the accumulation of qualities such as deep thought, inner reflection, speech, positivity, courage, and faith. 

Manifestation for the sake of getting to the point, is the practice in which one transmutes an idea or goal from the realm of thought and into the realm of reality in which you reside. This is attributed to how we are able to conjure up cities from the dust of the earth. Fly to space in specially designed aircraft, traverse across the seas unharmed, even wake up in the morning to a nice fresh cup of coffee. Manifestation is a direct reflection of our ability to be goal driven and the ability to learn outlandish knowledge that will make the impossible possible. Manifestation is immensely powerful as manifesting the right thing in your life can be the barrier between living the life of your dreams and not being able to realize your true potential. 

When Did Manifestation Break Into Modern Day?

The art of manifestation was at a loss to the masses for a brief moment in human history, I'm looking at you “dark ages”. When we are unable to connect spiritually with existence we are unable to utilize manifestation in our favor, either that, or the path becomes exceedingly difficult not to stray from. In moments of societal lows where stress and negativity runs rampant only the select few who have kept their faith and positivity can see their manifestations still be effective. 

This means that in order to attract something into our lives, we have to become an energetic match to that thing and act as if to embody the energy of our desires. Distractions like money, food, sex, selfishness, and ego to name a few, can all be the super clingy leeches that keeps our vibrations low, and as a result, inhibits us to connect with the universe and unable to manifest our ambitions. 

Most notably more and more people were beginning to become aware of this facet, and it was through the introduction of the popular book “The Secret” that masses began to become re-introduced to the extra dimensional power that resides in us all. Ever since then the art of manifesting has continued to gain more and more attention as people begin to connect the dots between their thoughts and their agony. It re-illustrated that the mind is in control of the quality of life that one leads. When more and more people are exposed to this truth anything is possible and that ceiling only heightens as we all re-arrive to the same page of spirituality and goal orientation. 

Awesome now that we have covered a brief overview of what manifestation is, let's continue answering your other questions. 

How Does One Manifest Positivity?

As stated before, manifestation is the innate ability for all of mankind to transmute a thought, an idea, a goal from the realm of thought and into the realm of reality in which you reside. 

Manifesting positivity is crucial before you endeavor to manifest anything else. Positivity is what will connect you to the essence and energy bank of the universe so that you can primarily lead a good life to start and then later begin to take on more difficult manifestations down the road. 

What Is Positivity?

Before you begin to manifest positivity it is crucial that you understand what positivity is in its essence, after being illuminated on the subject you will have a clearer understanding and target in which you provide the universe to provide you with. 

Positivity is a word that represents a particular charge in other topics of conversation and science. In the topic of positivity towards human manifestation ability, positivity is slightly different. A positive charge when dealing with power lines and outlets could pose a serious threat to your physical well being, however in the realm of spiritual enlightenment and manifestation, a positive charge in your being will do anything but. Lacing your existence with a positive charge enables you to become invulnerable in most cases. 

Your problems get solved quicker, you spend less time being sick if at all, negativity is unable to reach you through the ignorance of others and even within yourself. You become motivated and a catalyst for progress in every situation you find yourself in.

It Is An Energy Source

When you are undergoing the process of manifestation there is one thing to be clear of. Nothing is free. This is where a lot of naively motivated individuals find themselves giving up on the idea of manifestation as it wasn't the harry potter magic spell they were led to believe through minimal research. Another aspect that you should be aware of is that there are no shortcuts. 

If you are still with us willing to learn the truth about what you are capable of and were not looking for a secret mythological wand in which you can swing once and all of your most prominent problems will dissolve in a flash before your eyes congratulations to you, as cultivating a strong source of energy that is positivity first and foremost resides in your ability to process the truth. 

Think of this, if an individual is unwilling to accept and deal with the truth accordingly, are they more likely to respond to a problem in a positive manner? Probably not. Your relationship with positivity has to do with primarily how you are able to understand the various truths of your life, how you face them, and how you work to solve or remedy the more negative truths of your life. Moreover, think of this. All of the sources of negativity in your life are simply pools of energy that are waiting to be transmuted or transformed into positive motivations, in this life is full of shortcomings. In an individual that is not positively inclined, these negative pools serve to worsen their situations mostly through the individual's ignorance of how to remedy their situation. 

It Is Acceptance

Positivity will allow you to no longer internally hurt in the presence of your negative thoughts. It is acceptance. Acceptance is a skill that is typically observed to be lost in the wake of situations carrying an extreme potential for negativity. The only thing that is a detrimental factor in the face of shortcomings is an individual's ability to accept the truth.

Once the individual has subconsciously made the decision to reject the truth of their situation they are faced with a potential for a spiraling negative loop that is ever more difficult to break out of. Accepting your truths for what they are and knowing that at any given moment in your life you can properly address the situation will give you significant amounts of positivity to begin utilizing as your energy pools.

How Can You Manifest Positivity?

In order to manifest positivity in your life it will require some due diligence and to face your demons with resolve. It will entail that you at a quiet moment to yourself when you are alone to delve inwards. This trip into your own psyche serves to acquaint yourself with the sources of negative energy that is infiltrating your day to day life. 

So meditation? Essentially… yes. However due to the stigma surrounding mediation there are some misunderstandings surrounding meditation that the uninitiated are dissuaded by. For the sake of this expert we will be re-naming it to “inner reflection”. Remember your mission here is not to do anything other than being able to identify the sources of your inner turmoil essentially with an expressionless face. This tip plays into cultivating your ability to accept the truth and not be taken over or possessed by its negative implications. 

Once you have identified an occurrence in your life that is causing your mind to become riddles with negativity and anything but the positive loving and compassionate human being you were destined to be, resolve in the event of infer reflection comes in the understanding that you are able to change the course of your life for the better at any given moment. 

The process should look something like this however we will be dumbing the example down to keep its integrity:

  1. Sit with yourself, and begin controlled breathing.
  2. Relax your muscles and your face. Any movements from either your face and your body is your sonar for identifying a source of negativity. 
  3. Delve into your mind in search of the sources of negativity.
  4. Observe your physical responses that dwelling on the subject has on your body, if you begin to see or feel negative thoughts, you have successfully fulfilled this step.
  5. Regain control of your breath calmly. Any passionate reactions other than control and stoicness of your body signifies that the negativity is taking control over you. Remember the opposite of chaos is order and control. As long as you are able to regain your composure in the presence of your negativity then you win and begin to form mental ammunition to combat negativity as a whole. 
  6. Re-affirm the truth. No amount of negativity will render you helpless in the process of finding your positivity. “Re-affirmations” beginning with “I am” are the most powerful as negativity often provides the illusion that you are incapable of something whatever it is, for instance it could be love. Combat this by re-affirming with as much faith as you can muster “I am and will always be capable of love”. Repeat it until you begin to feel as normal and unprovoked as when you started to delve into your psyche. 

It Begins With Foundation

Manifesting positivity in your life will require you to construct a mental foundation. This entails cultivating your relationship with the truth and managing how you respond or cope with these feelings or thoughts. Remember positivity is an energy source and it is acceptance.

When you are able to effectively solidify these qualities within yourself in the face of negativity then you are ready to begin taking a proactive approach to manifesting positivity which entails physical actions that you take with others on top of yourself from the first moment you awake in the morning to the last moment of your day at night. 

When you feel as though you have a solid barrier against the negative attributes within yourself checkout our manifestation guide to learn more about taking a proactive approach to your manifestation.

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