What are Manifestation Candles?

What are Manifestation Candles?

When it comes to the spiritual and fantastical, candles are the move. Not just any candles, the right candles. There are varying types of candles all made for a different type of purpose. Candles can magnify certain energies and also be used for the expulsion of certain energies. Candles aid in essentially any setting they find themselves with by having a distinct effect on a room or household's atmosphere. 

Candles are used as a spiritual representative for the element of change. The element of change is fire. This can be observed as we use fire to alter substances to a different state for a number or reasons. Chemistry for the use of creating useful substances like detergents and soaps. Cooking to make food edible. Steam to change water into usable energy. Candles in this case are used to promote the element of change in your life, this can be in reference to better health, a change in daily habits, a change in jobs, etc. 

The act of burning is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm, but the other key element here is about using different candle colors. This is called color magic! Different colors store different types of energy, and this is what we’re trying to access when we burn a candle of that color. FYI: Burning candles is an easy way to access that color’s energy, but it’s not the only way. You can also wear certain colors or decorate your home with various shades.

The element of fire has strong ties to the spiritual realm. Moreover the type of candle used can signify different potentials based on what the color of the candle is. The color of the candle also plays a big role in what kind of energy you should expect to alter or receive from the burning candle. This term is referred to as color magic. Colors in the spiritual realm have different meanings and will provide you with different energies. Individuals burn the candles to essentially activate the energies of the pertaining color of the candle to fill the room with new and renewed energy. 

Let’s take a further more in depth look at what candle colors provide which type of energy when burning them.

White Candles: Burning white colored candles releases tranquility, serenity. It encourages inner reflection and for cultivating inner strength. 

Black Candles: Burning black colored candles is for spiritual protection and provides the burner with a psychic barrier. 

Green Candles: Burning green colored candles promotes creativity through ideas and also serves to promote affluence.

Blue Candles: Burning blue colored candles aids in the rejuvenation of one's own kundalini. Or in other words the line of chakras throughout one's body. Burning blue also serves to heal emotional traumas that have not yet been treated. 

Yellow Candles: Burning Yellow colored candles aids in the realm of opportunity of careers, and socially. It ignites energies having to deal with communicating with people and the illustration of ideas through verbal means. 

Red Colored Candles: Burning red colored candles promotes auras of love and passion. It spreads the energies of desire through space. 

Pink Candles: Burning pink colored candles is the ideal color for romance. It is less passionate than red however the two colors do make a good pair. 

Purple Candles: Burning purple colored candles is also good for creativity and moreover spiritual enlightenment.

Orange Colored Candles: Burning orange colored candles is for sparking new interests and endeavors. It is used to cultivate energies of trying new things and seeing new places.

Brown Candles: Burning brown candles aids in helping qualities of personality and physical status. 

When To Burn What Color? 

There are many intricacies when it comes to burning candles, and the more details you are aware of can aid you in providing yourself with the strongest flows of energy possible. There is a specific day to conduct candle burning rituals depending on your goals and colors of the candles in reference. Conducting your rituals while aligning with the correct days will enhance your manifestations greatly. 

Here is an outline for everyday of the week along with the color of candles that are strongest on these days in particular. 

Monday: Orange

Tuesday: Red, Brown, Orange.

Wednesday: Gray or Yellow

Thursday: Blue and Purple

Friday: Soft Blue, Green, Pink, Gold

Saturday: Black

Sunday: White

Should You Burn Two Different Colored Candles At Once?

In short, yes. Burning more than one color of candle typically has no negative effects as long as you are clear on what energies the colors are releasing when you burn them. Align the colors with your intentions and desires for your manifestation and you are sure to cultivate a strong magnetic field pertaining to the aura you seek to have. 

How To Conduct A Candle Burning Manifestation Ritual

Below we will be covering the details involved with how to effectively use colored candles to aid you in your manifestation. Follow the outline below. 

First Step: Focus On What You’re Trying To Manifest

To begin your manifestation ritual, you will need to hone in on what you want first. Make sure to create a vivid picture in your mind that is as specific as possible. Be sure to embody positivity as much as you can while thinking about what it is you desire to manifest the most. You should be embodying love, passion, gratitude and compassion. Be sure that your desires are pure and for the betterment of yourself and others. Stay away from wishin negativity to befall others as this will not put karma in your favor. 

Second Step: Burn The Candle And Repeat Affirmation

This step is relatively straightforward. Once you have identified your desire it is then time for you to speak a sentence and then light the candle to begin bringing it into reality.  It is suggested and highly recommended to light a color candle that is in tune and corresponds with the essence of your goal. If you are manifesting love it is recommended to burn a pink colored candle. If you are manifesting money then it is recommended to burn a green colored candle. If you are working on manifesting a healthier body then it is suggested to burn a brown colored candle. Lastly if you are working on manifesting peace in your life then it is recommended to burn a white colored candle and so on. 

As an added benefit you can conduct research on the effects of alignments referring to the stars and planets of the universe. Learn about the constellations and astrology signs, this will aid you in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to waiting for the right moment to conduct your ritual with the most energy output possible at the time. Mercury Retrograde is what you will want to stay away from when casting your spells as this can be one of the most negative times to do it and the results of your manifestations will either not be consistent or could be completely opposite from your intentions, so be sure to do your research. 

Third Step: Use More Than One Colored Candle

You can strengthen the intent of your spells by using multiple colored candles. The use of multiple colored candles and releasing different energies at the same time can help you cover a broader and stronger level of energy to the nature of the goal you're manifesting. For example if you are manifesting a great job with good money then it is suggested to burn a green colored candle along with yellow colored candle as this sends energy to these respective fields. 

If you want to manifest peace and love in your life then the candle colors you should be looking to burn include white and pink. If you are looking to manifest health and spiritual enlightenment then your colors are brown and purple etc. 

Fourth Step: Decorate Your Candle

Displaying some sort of action towards your candle in decorating it helps you to form an energetic relationship between you, the thinker, the candle which is the amplifier, and your manifestation, your goal. If this bond is strong you will essentially be able to manifest anything of your choosing with maximum efficiency as all of the correct parts are in play boosting your success. 

How To Decorate Your Candle Efficiently

You can dress your candle with oil of your choice that signifies a correspondence towards the nature of your manifestation. If you are looking to attract something then you should rub in the oil from top to bottom, on the other hand if you are looking to expel certain energies away from you then rub in the oil from the bottom to the top. While doing so repeat the affirmation of your desire and you will begin to feel a warm tingling sensation in the palms of your hands signifying the spell's effectiveness. 

You can also stick anything on the body of the candle that has to do with what you're focusing on. Remember to leave the string on the candle alone and only focus on decorating the body of the candle. Any kind of mementos will do. 


Candles are a great way to enhance your manifesting capabilities as they amplify the energy you seek to attract or give off in a few specialized rituals. These rituals when aligned with the stars and planets based off of the knowledge of astrology are even more powerful. Be sure to burn the right colored candles to accentuate the energy given off by the candle itself. Moreover if you are looking for a more complex goal that is incorporating multiple natures, then it is suggested to burn more than one colored candle to cover the entire spectrum and body of the manifestation. 

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