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Rose Quartz Agate bottom Crystal Tree ~ Self Love • Romance
Rose Quartz Agate bottom Crystal Tree ~ Self Love • Romance

Rose Quartz Agate bottom Crystal Tree ~ Self Love • Romance

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Feng Shui is the art of mastering energy within a space. It is an ancient Chinese practice that details how energy naturally flows within an environment and how to create shifts in your favor!

Rose Quartz remains aligned to the universal frequency of love at all times.

In this form as a Feng Shui tree; Rose Quartz helps to bring the energy of patience, kindness, and humility to your space. It is perfect for bedrooms, children's spaces, kitchens and anywhere where you need the purest forms of love to flow freely. 


At the base of this tree, you'll also find a gorgeous agate stone.


Agate stones are nature's candy. They show up in various different shapes, forms, and sizes and are extremely powerful stones for healing, bringing calmness, and rejuvenation.

They transform the body by attracting more harmony and balance for the mind, body, and soul. They are also known to help strengthen blood vessels and heal skin disorders!


🔺 Enhances concentration and mental capacity

🔺 Increases perception 

🔺 Heals emotional blockages, reduces rage, and soothes restlessness

🔺 Reduces anxiety 


Investing in a strong rose quartz crystals, speaking intentions over it, and keeping it charged builds self esteem, sets you up to build your relationships with yourself and others, and creates the space for gratitude to flow.


Please note that this listing is for ONE Rose Quartz Agate Bottom Crystal Tree ONLY.