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Purple Agate Geode Slice  Necklace- Protection• Harmony

Purple Agate Geode Slice Necklace- Protection• Harmony

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💜 Agate stones are nature's candy they show up in various different shapes, forms, and sizes. They are extremely powerful stones for healing, bringing calmness, and rejuvenation. Purple Agate is a beautiful stone that also contains strong energy and healing properties. Visually, Purple Agate is simply enchanting. With various shades of purple swirled with white bands, it’s easy to see why this stone has been coveted for its use in jewelry.


💜 Purple Agate:

💜Enhances Ying & Yang harmony.

💜Increases analytical skills and lifts the user to higher, spiritual levels.  

💜 Protects against negative energies.

💜Brings about good luck and fortune. 

💜Purple Agate has been known throughout the ages for its healing properties that can promote positive change in your spiritual, emotional and physical being. 

This listing is for ONE Silver Agate Geode Slice Necklace only.