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Yoga Babe Crystal Set ~ Alignment, Growth, Peace

Yoga Babe Crystal Set ~ Alignment, Growth, Peace

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Yoga is the practice of aligning the energies within your body through stretching your limbs and pushing yourself towards spiritual liberation. Even if you don't practice yoga, these stones have been hand picked to keep you in alignment and help you feel that "woosah" energy a good yoga session brings. 


This gorgeous set will come with:

1 Carnelian Crystal ($6.99) ~

🧡 Carnelian is a lovely stone with an extremely powerful energy. Carnelian will help you to feel empowered, energized, and beautiful. It is connected to your Sacral Chakra energy and will bless you with creative outlets and motivation to push towards your best life.

1 Red Jasper Crystal ($6.99) ~

❤️ Red Jasper's energy is for healing, nurturing, and grounding. It is directly connected to your Root Chakra space and will help you to heal through inner child wounds and bouts with insecurity. Holding this stone close will help you to usher in peace and stability.


1 Rutilated Quartz Crystal ($6.99) ~

🤍 Rutilated Quartz is connected to ALL of the chakra centers within your body. It has a beautiful, light energy that helps you to feel connected with your highest self. It cleanses the aura completely and releases pent up, negative energy. Rutilated Quartz truly has the same vibe as a breath of fresh air!


1 Moss Agate Crystal ($6.99) ~

💚 Moss Agate is known as the Stone of Mother Earth. This lovely stone will help you to reconnect with nature and bring sweetness and good luck. Imagine laying in a cool stream surrounded by peace and abundance, that's what meditating with Moss Agate feels like. Moss Agate will also help you to boost your self esteem and help you to release suffering.



1 Amethyst Crystal ($6.99) ~

💜 The world renowned Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone will keep you in alignment. Yoga is all about relieving tension, knowing that stress can be stored inside the body helps you to be self aware and intentional when releasing it. Amethyst will help you to relieve stress and help you to receive healing energy effortlessly. 

This Yoga Babe Crystal Set will help connect you to the inner parts of yourself and bring you serenity and relaxation. Journaling, Meditating, and simply living with these crystals will help you to let go of stagnant energy and stretch your energy far!


This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.