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Magical Love Crystal Set ~ Attraction, Emotional Healing, & Self Love

Magical Love Crystal Set ~ Attraction, Emotional Healing, & Self Love

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Love is the language of the Universe. Understanding how to lead with love in all that you do will help you to truly develop your relationship with yourself and with others. It's important to build your relationship with love, so that when it is invited into your life, you are experiencing it in its sweetest, most compassionate, most considerate form.


This gorgeous set will come with:

1 Rose Quartz Crystal ($6.99) 

💞 No love set would be complete without the powerful energy of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz vibrates constantly on the same frequency of Universal Love. This lovely pink crystal will help to heal your relationships, attract love, build self love, and help you to embrace the present moment with clarity that you are worthy and deserving of love in abundance.

1 Carnelian Crystal ($6.99)

🧡 Carnelian is THAT CRYSTAL! Carnelian not only is a magnet to attract any of your desires, it encourages you to be creative, and helps you to feel more confident than ever. It ushers you to step into your power in a beautiful way, it detoxes the body, soothes the muscles, and it will also boost your desirability and libido. 

1 Rhodonite Crystal ($6.99)

💜 Rhodonite is all about gentle healing. It is known to bring comfort to any hidden emotional wounds, encourage compassion, and promote thoughtfulness. Love is patient and kind, Rhodonite will make sure that you are too. Rhodonite is also a great gift for any partner!


1 Raw Sodalite Crystal ($6.99)

💙 Sodalite promotes calmness and peace. Taking time to really instill a routine of self care is important for falling in love with yourself AND with others. Sodalite restores emotional balance, promotes reasoning and rationality, and builds self-trust. Just like Carnelian, Sodalite will also help you to embrace yourself and build self confidence. 



1 Red Jasper Stone ($6.99)
❤️ Red Jasper is all about security. It promotes a strong sense of feeling grounded and is a protection stone when we are feeling vulnerable. Sometimes falling in love can be scary, but we've got your back! Red Jasper is a powerful healing stone, it absorbs any negative energies or feelings of insecurity. (Ps. it also increases endurance and stamina.)


This Magical Love Crystal Set is here to help you embrace the trueness of what love really is. It will help you to increase your self confidence, heal emotional traumas, and even strengthen your relationships with others. If your intention is to attract a compatible partner, this love set is here to prepare you for that divine blessing!


This information given is completely metaphysical and not meant to replace professional medical treatment.