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Dainty Larvikite Bracelet ~ Power, Safety and Protection

Dainty Larvikite Bracelet ~ Power, Safety and Protection

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Larvikite is a very special stone because it can only be found in one place around the world, and that is the Larvik Fjord region in Norway.

Physically, it works wonders for the skin and enhances overall youthfulness.

It can calm nerves and reduce high blood pressure issues. Larvikite also improves brain function, and can be of assistance to those with learning disabilities, mental health disorders, strokes, and other neurological ailments.


🖤Has a very protective energy to it, and with it comes feelings of safety and security, no matter where you are.

🖤Stabilizes your emotions and prevent you from making irrational decisions based on your current emotional state

🖤Dissolves over emotionality, which can be especially helpful if you find yourself overwhelmed with your emotions.

🖤Calming, balancing, and protective, and it teaches great peace and patience.

🖤Has a masculine energy stone and it is extremely grounding.

🖤Connects you to the earth and to nature

🖤 It will really help you to focus on whatever it is that you want, and exactly what you can do to get there