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Lucky Girl Era~ Good Fortune bath salt ritual
Lucky Girl Era~ Good Fortune bath salt ritual

Lucky Girl Era~ Good Fortune bath salt ritual

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🍀 Lucky Girl Era emphasises the power of thoughts and beliefs – so what you believe becomes your reality. This ritual bath salt enriches the aura with wealth, abundance, riches and overall prosperity. Infused with the tigers eye crystal; this bath salt brings focus, alertness, and clarity. While also attracts wealth, brings a sense of calmness and harmonious energy flow!


🍀If you believe you are successful and embody the frequency of successful person, then you will be successful.

🍀The goal is to be centered around having everything work out the way that you’re hoping it will - whether that’s having career opportunities open up, monetary success, or just believing good things will happen to you.

🍀 The Lucky Girl Era bath salt boosts the aura with high vibrations, to elevate you from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. This way your intentions are bound to flow in like a river!

🍀 You could even write out some positive affirmations before your bath and read them as you soak. 

Lucky Affirmation Examples: 

  • Great things are always happening to me unexpectedly
  • I'm so lucky
  • Everything works out in my favor
  • It is always working out for me
  • The universe is always working in my favor
  • I'm the luckiest person I know

This listing is for ONE 8oz bath salt.