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Lucky Girl Era Candle- Luck & Good Fortune

Lucky Girl Era Candle- Luck & Good Fortune

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🧚🏽 Lucky Girl Era is a new phenomenon that was created and accepted by women all over the world.

🧚🏽The concept is if you say good things are coming your way, then they are. Embodying the energy of " I get everything i ask for." "Miracles happen to me everyday." This energy is more powerful than people may know!

🧚🏽Lucky Girl Era revolves around the idea that positive things you say out loud will become your reality.

🧚🏽This candle is about raising your vibration into a more positive or higher frequency. When we’re navigating life at a higher frequency, good things do start to happen because we are more open to them.

🧚🏽Essentially, what you believe becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

This Candle is Topped with the Tigers Crystal ; which focuses on luck and fortune in business and life. It is especially good if you are starting your own business or have entered the business world for the first time. 

Tiger’s Eye will work in strengthening your willpower and your intention to succeed. 

Positive affirmations are a key to manifesting; ex.

🧚🏽I am the luckiest person

🧚🏽Things ALWAYS work out in my favor

🧚🏽My job is amazing, my love life is amazing, I'm amazing

🧚🏽Great things come my way unexpectedly

🧚🏽I am so lucky for the opportunities that come my way

🧚🏽My life is filled with abundance

🧚🏽I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am DIVINE



please not this candle is bigger than our 10 oz candle it’s 15oz